Mexican Food



About Us

We are a place where you forget you are in Fort Lauderdale and you connect with the Latin culture, our musical and gastronomic mix seeks to transport you to live a Mexican experience that meets the standards of quality and service that you like.

Lunch Special

Cheese Burger

It is the traditional burger of the house with an extraordinary combination of Mexican spices that give a different but exquisite flavor

Enjoy it by yourself


enjoy it by yourself



Here we present the traditional recipe of Mexican homemade burritos and some more variants that you will love.


our corn tortillas come full of cheese with meat or chicken, dare to try them!

Enjoy it by yourself


Enjoy it by yourself


Hot Dogs

The Mexican hot dog will always surprise you because it comes prepared with a variety of vegetables that give it its special flavor and you will want to eat more than one.

The specialty of the house


$ 3
by taco
  • shredded chicken, beef, pork or barbecue
  • Cheese
  • bean